Moving on to 6/7H!

Raziel a posted Jan 26, 15
So we like killing things...

This week's goal is a dead Heroic Imperator so we can go into Blackrock Foundry and beat up some more Orcs--or whatever we're beating up in there.

They say that eating your Wheaties enables you to "get stuff done." Apparently the raid team ate several boxes of Wheaties prior to Wednesday's raid (and kept Lofaz away from his beer, but that's another story), because not only did they go in and make quick work of Imperator, they stepped into Heroic mode and made quick work of Heroic Butcher, two-shot Tectus, one-shot Brackenspore, and two-shot the fires of hell, otherwise known as Twin Ogron. Seriously, what is up with that fire? GIVE ME SOME LOGIC, BLIZZARD.

Actually, you know what? Wheaties had nothing to do with it. It was all due to the fact that I finally transmogg'd into some pretty looking armor! #BloodElfBeauty

Rindali Raid group needs more HANDSOME (aka Trolls) in those pics.
Ana !!! Look at the look on Zudan's face when he dances! Best part! Also, amazing drawing skills. Not phallic at all...
Ana we look so pretty <3
Members of Enigma have many talents--not only do they play WoW with amazing ease and grace, but they can kick butt in Diablo III, smoke their opponents in Heroes of the Storm, clean house in Starcraft, and beat players with SHEEP in Hearthstone (I am so scarred from sheep abuse that I have retired from my days of poor Hearthstone play). Since we had moments where pulls in raid were actually getting delayed because people would start talking about their decks (other boss pull delays brought to you by pet battle discussions and transmog) and the amount of enthusiasm that followed, it just seemed logical to fill the time before the launch of Warlords of Draenor with a guild Hearthstone Tournament!

Guild members will be battling it out for a grand prize of 10,000 gold, and a second place prize of 5,000 gold, on November 1st!

Play is being done as a double elimination tournament--the best of 3 games wins the match! Players are able to bring 3 decks of their choosing to the event, only sharing what hero classes they will be playing. Winners will be playing the same deck while the losing player will be able to swap decks for a better chance at winning!

And these games are only fun if you can spectate, right? That's why we will be streaming the games via one of the players' perspectives (their opponent will not be viewing the stream) so others can can watch and (like me!) learn some of the tips and tricks of our master Hearthstone players! To watch the stream, you will need a Google+ account, so go create one (or a fake one!) if you haven't already and be ready to cheer on your guildmates!

Personally, I can't wait to see if someone else gets beaten by a sheep...
Lofaz a So excited for this tonight!

Enigmatic Defiance

Raziel a posted Sep 7, 14
Music is one of those things that can tell a story on it's own. Maybe that's one of the things that I really enjoy about instrumental scores. I love the music of Orgrimmar--the raw power of the Orcs emanates through the beats of the drums. The majesty of the Alliance can be heard as you walk through the gates of Stormwind. I'll admit, every time I watch a video that plays on the crescendo of the Alliance theme, it makes me want to go roll a new character. I'll always be the first person to yell "FOR THE HORDE" at BlizzCon, and the Horde will always be the faction I align with, but it's always interesting how music can be woven to help further a storyline.

Sometimes I sit and doodle storyboards or visualize in my mind how I would build a "guild movie." You know, one of those recruitment videos or even a boss kill movie, where you want it set to perfect music that embraces the guild and the fight. I've done this for years. I have Fraps, I have Sony Vegas, I've even done video production in a past life (better question, what HASN'T Raz done?), but I'm a perfectionist who needs more hours in a day, so the ideas stay in my mind.

Recently, one of our raiders, Geranguas, shared a project he'd been working on in his spare time, named Enigmatic Defiance; an instrumental song that he felt represented the raiding team. With his permission, I'm sharing it to all those who visit the site. Ger's incredible song really makes me want to put a video together now, but I'm going to have to come up with something so amazingly epic to capture the power of his song.

One of the things I love about WoW is that it introduces me to people with amazing talents that I would never otherwise have the chance to meet. I look forward to Warlords of Draenor, when we can stand defiantly against everything that Blizzard throws at us!
Ana Awesome!

Shamans Dead! 8/14!

Raziel a posted Jul 10, 14

I'm failing at a catchy title this afternoon. It's either due to too much caffeine, or the fact that I've been having to actively wordsmith too much at work and I just really can't think of anything clever at this point.

Anyway--3 pulls and we had 2 very dead shaman! This wasn't the first time we had worked on them (actually, it was only the second time), but we had our newest recruit, Ger, joining us, so he got to learn the fight (and kill it) with just a couple pulls! He said it was new guy luck--I'll take it!

Morn did a great job of keeping the DPS and Lofaz alive as they played down with slimes and dodged circles of death, while Ale and Bibbel chilled out with Ursal and I as the hill team dodging what Lofaz likes to call "tomes." Tomes, tombs--they are both really big (usually)--I'll give him a pass on this one. I need to keep getting Lofaz to say things with his New England accent--it amuses me to no end. Seriously--ask someone from New England to say "car keys" and "khakis" and see if it sounds different. (Hint, IT WON'T)

It's been a nice return to raiding with a new kill--we're still playing with Malkorok--who I think we can all say is a jerk. We'll get him figured out soon enough!

Congrats on the kill everyone!
Aleyira Thank you guys for letting me join you on the kill 2 weeks ago!
Lofaz a Raz, you time-traveling cheater! Hang in there guys, we'll have them dead in a month!
Sarinha well done everyone!!!
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