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It's a Twofer!

Raziel a posted Apr 4, 14

For what it's worth, I don't like the stupid bone spikes or whatever they are called on Iron Juggernaut. They annoy me. To no end. But my gripe about the spikes probably is no where near the skill required of the healing team to keep us all alive during siege mode. Iron Jugg is officially dead and the raid team is quite thrilled! To finish off the night, we went and gave General Nazgrim a swift kick in the head to bring our kill count up to 7/14! Great job by the raid team on the exceptional progress!

Here's to more boss kills in the future!

Theolin Woooot!!! ...
Sarinha awesome job!!!
Check that out--my post did JUST ENOUGH goading of the raid team that they delivered a boss kill! And true to my word, I delivered a post! It's a couple hours past due but it is here and with the title that Amulgur selected!

On our second pull of the night we smacked Protectors into the dust! This fight is totally a messed up Hokie Pokie. You put your left foot in, you run out when you get Sha-Seared, you do the Hokie Pokie and you throw that damn mob to Lofaz before you get one-shot and we kick these bosses' butt, and that's what it's all about! \o/



Maybe I should cut back on the caffeine...

Without further ado, I give you our Protectors kill shot!

Sarinha Congratulations everyone!! awesome job! *giggles at the exploding ball of light*
katmandu Yay! Nice job! ...
Raziel a Oh hell. I was so fixated on Blash's comment about how she better be visible because of Ulk's giant tree ass that I comp ...

A Wild News Post Is Spotted!

Raziel a posted Mar 12, 14
And it has 4 boss kills with it! Since the running joke is every time I post one of these we kill another boss, HERE'S HOPING SOMETHING ELSE DIES TONIGHT *WINKWINKNUDGENUDGE*

Hoping that everyone has had a great start to their new year and that Great Grandfather Winter has brought them lots of phat lewt. He apparently brought various forms of kitchen disasters to the Enigma officers in the form of fire (Morniel), water (Raziel), and Earth, or lack thereof (Lofaz). The Enigma raid team has been battling the battles of work, FiOS, snowstorms, cows, and sickness. I think we're all ready for spring at this point! But let us get on with the boss kill pictures!

First up, Immerseus! Who, uh, sorta killed us too...

But ANYWAY. He's dead. Stupid puddle of water.

We also like beating up Norushen. But we seem to forget to take a picture with him. So I give you a picture of Enigma's raiders being bored while doing trash before Paragons as bears. Or bares if you've been hanging out with Amulgur, who has apparently been studying the Alamo guide to being a Druid again.

Enjoy our bear selves:

Apparently the raid team likes to go all Tron-style on Heroic Sha. Lofaz gets all sad because he doesn't get to run the maze, but then he sits and gloats about his numbers on the meters on this fight because we give him adds. We need to stop doing fights where we give Lofaz adds...

And then there's our favorite fight, Galakras.One day LFR will learn to tank stuff in the fire. Until then, we will moan about how they don't. And we will take pictures with frogs raining on our heads.

Aludenei Technically he's not dead.
Blashyrk I'm glad Immerseus is dead. I don't like him.
Morniel a <3 This made me giggle.

On to Heroics!

Raziel a posted Dec 10, 13

There was only one thing that Enigma wanted for Christmas and it involved a Garrosh Hellscream kill. Word on the street was that Lofaz wanted it as a birthday gift, and when Lofaz wants something, he usually gets it!

Garrosh fell on December 4th in an incredibly smooth kill! The fight was a good example of progression learning. Once each phase was mastered, we were able to move on and work out the next. It showed a lot of team work for the raid team as we worked out all the minute details that would lead us to success. The Garrosh fight was a lot different than our first pull on Immerseus, which, I suspect, had a longer explanation of the fight from Lofaz than the fight actually lasted. Immerseus died on the first pull and basically resulted in us saying "Oh, that's it?" Garrosh wasn't like that, but instead it enabled us to test the capabilities of the entire raid team and employ Ulkjin and Deuce to handle all the movement calls while Lofaz and I made sure we were chasing down adds and completing taunt swaps. Blash took care of all of the Engineers with swift kills, allowing us to not worry about getting run over by an Iron Star! Deuce and Amulgur made sure we were sacrificing all of Garrosh's loyal followers into the flames and Reave made sure that the Shaman never had a chance to heal. In all, the fight gave us the ability to show how the entire group worked as a team to down the final boss of the expansion!

Great job by everyone!

Lofaz was very happy to get his throne back...

Boom Congratulations to all my friends and raiders here in Enigma. You guys did great! I foresee even more to come! ...

The Heralds of the Titans

Raziel a posted Nov 18, 13

Another guild and several years ago, a small group of players were bored. Heroic Dragon Soul was on farm and there just wasn't much to do in the World of Warcraft. An idea was born one night, a group for the Feat of Strength, the Herald of the Titans. The founding Titans group leveled (or locked) alts, leveled professions, and started the ongoing farm runs of Ulduar, Naxxramas, Sartharion, and Malygos. It was hard to lock the team in for an actual date to down Algalon, and we sorta stuttered to a stop.

And then, MoP dropped, server transfers happened, and with new raids and the laundry list of things everyone had to do in-game grew. The Herald toons remained locked, some deleted, some transferred to new realms, and collected dust. Murmurs were heard in the background, wondering if we were ever going to finish what we started.

One day I got a message that said "Are we ever going to do Herald? If not, let me know and I'll find another group. That was the kick that was needed. There's been a slight lull in WoW again, and there was time to fill. I put a Herald thread up on the Enigma forums on October 20, gauging interest and knowing that we only had 4 characters at level 80 and slightly ready for the run.

Seeds had been planted and new Herald members stepped up. They had a massively high wall to scale--I scheduled the first gearing runs for 2 weeks after the post. People jumped into leveling, researching their classes, the boss fight, where their gear dropped, everything. If people couldn't make gear runs, they'd form their own. A great group of people stepped up to assist with the carries necessary for us to kill Yogg on 25 with a whole host of level 80s, and really any other boss that someone needed dropped.

And because my life isn't fun unless a curveball is thrown my way, we found out on a Friday night that one of our tanks wouldn't be able to make the scheduled run. On the spot, all but 2 players agreed that they would be ready to run in less than 48 hours. Ulduar 25 was cleared, minus Algalon, on Saturday night. Naxx was beaten into submission for final replacements and everyone made sure they had gems, enchants, and that they could mash their buttons with the best of them.

Sunday night rolled around and we were a team of 8. One of our DPS was missing and concern grew. I managed to catch one of our other Herald DPS on the forums and basically gave him no option--we were running NOW and he had better sign in! To fill our final slot, the ever-so-gracious Rades came to bail us out on his locked Herald toon.

After everyone wanted to choke me for repeatedly saying "please check the ilvls on your gear!" and listening to Lofaz say "226, 226, 226, 226, 226" in Mumble, we pulled Algalon. We tweaked graphics settings so we could see the floor and we made sure we didn't stand in bad. We also made sure that I didn't screw up fight mechanics again >.> On pull 4, Algalon handed us our shiny loot and gave us our FoS.

Thanks to everyone who put forth so much effort in so little time to make this goal a reality! We still have 1 more Herald toon to bestow a title on, but now that we've seen it and know exactly what to do, I have no doubt that we will successfully add more Heralds of the Titans to Enigma's roster.

Great job everyone!
Leywyrm I love that we did this. Thanks to everyone who partook and everyone who helped out! I'd love to run it again.
Boom Glad to have gotten this done as planned, with our group! Thanks to all involved, now let's get the other folks leveled/ ...
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